Gift Guide: Pretty Skeletal Hair Clasps

  • FEARnet
There aren’t a lot of positive things a skeleton’s hand can do. Generally, they’re relegated to waiting in temples or tombs for the moment they get to rest on the shoulder of unsuspecting adventurers or neighborhood kids up to no good. The trespassers jump in fright, the skeleton hand drops, or worse, falls off and it’s back to square one.

But, no longer. The bony remnants of extremities-gone-by have a new purpose: to make you beautiful. First stop, lending your scraggly-ass hair a hand. (After all. you’ve been adventuring in tombs and temples and haven’t had time to wash.)

Each realistic skeleton’s hand hair clip designed by ItsASwindle is painted gold and measures approximately 3" X 1.5".

$5.00 on Etsy
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