Getting Personal with "Haunted Encounters:" Face to Face

Executive producers: Brad Kuhlman, and Casey Brumels. Produced by Ping Pong Productions. Could the "Paranormal Syndicate" be the new "Paranormal State" or "Ghost Adventure?" Biography Channel has a new ghostly reality show by the name of "Haunted Encounters: Face to Face," which tries to break the mold of this type of genre television. But, does it? The gimmick this series has is that the paranormal investigation team does more than just recreate the scenes that create the ghosts said to be haunting the venue. They want to provoke the spirits of the killers by jumping into their shoes. Hopefully that will give those spirits just reason to explain themselves. In the first case this series explores, one of America’s most famous haunted houses, the Lizzie Borden home, is examined. If only ghosts could talk in complete sentences rather than single words, then there might be a good premise behind this series.
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