Watch: While You Wait For The Movie, Here's Marvel's 1991 TV Pilot For 'Power Pack'

Remember Marvel’s Power Pack? Well, this writer doesn’t, but they were one of the second tier Marvel properties being mooted for a small-budget big-screen adaptation a couple years ago. They were among characters like Luke Cage, Dr. Strange, Iron Fist, et al. (none of which have yet come to pass), but when the rumor first circled, we highlighted Power Pack as the property that likely had the most crossover appeal thanks to its pre-teen X-Men style set-up. Well it turns out that wasn’t the first time someone had recognized the live-action potential of the characters, because back in 1991 a pilot for a "Power Pack" TV show was filmed. The company New World arrived at Cannes earlier that year and announced that they had plans for a “Punisher” sequel, a “She-Hulk” movie starring Brigitte Nielsen (someone should make this now!) and a "Power Pack" show. Only the latter
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