Listen to Nitsuh Abebe’s Favorite Songs of 2012

  • Vulture
Well, here’s the part where the year comes to a close and we do our best to package up whatever joys we found in it. And here’s my contribution: 50 songs I loved in 2012. I’m not big on calling lists of things I like the “best” — it’d be like saying my dog is the “best” dog, even though he never finds bombs or cheers up terminally ill people and is scared of plastic bags and is, objectively speaking, kinda average — so just consider this a mixtape of sorts. Or five mixtapes at the same time, full of things I enjoy and think you might enjoy — maybe especially in the realms of pocket-size synth-pop, dreamy R&B, buzzy indie rock, rap, and murky, meditative pieces you may or may not find depressing.You can listen via Spotify, and here’s hoping you’ll discover some sounds you’ll
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