del Toro talks setting, tone of "Crimson Peak"

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del Toro talks setting, tone of
Announced earlier this week, Guillermo del Toro plans to direct Crimson Peak following the release of Pacific Rim. Peak is said to be a throwback to the classic stylings of The Haunting and The Innocents; big in scope, design and scares. In the wake of the news, it's been speculated Crimson Peak was a retitle of another such tale del Toro wrote called Hell House.

It seems that is not the case, and in correcting this, the director promised a return to "scary stuff":

Cp is not Hell House at all. Nothing could be further from that. Cp is a spec script Matthew and I wrote right after Pan's Labyrinth. It stayed mostly under the radar but I have been pushing it quietly. Universal has been very supportive and wanted to do it. It's set at the turn of the century and it is a Gothic romance with ghosts.
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