Revisiting Lynch – Part Six: Inland Empire, Unmade Projects and Crazy Clown Time

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In the early part of this century, Lynch spent a lot of time putting together his website David Embracing the internet and the opportunities his own website afforded him, Lynch would make his own shorts available via this medium as well as the weird sitcom Rabbits and animated series Dumbland. Lynch also branched out into coffee sales as his own brand was launched and available through the website. His next film was an even more polarising and baffling effort than anything he had previously made.

Inland Empire (2006)

Financed completely independently and filmed over a period of two years on new digital HD camera’s Inland Empire was initially a collection of scenes cobbled together from both Lynch’s own website (the Rabbits shorts) and scenes he would film with Laura Dern. Eventually the project started to take on some form of narrative plot and Lynch filmed scenes involving
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