The HeyUGuys Interview: Martin McDonagh talks Seven Psychopaths

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Ahead of the release of Seven Psychopaths we caught up with its director and screenwriter Martin McDonagh to ask him about the genesis of his new movie, the departure of Mickey Rourke and the challenge of balancing the drama and comedy in a film.

Where did the idea for Seven Psychopaths come from?

The script for it was actually written straight after the script for In Bruges was written, but before I made In Bruges, so I kind of had them both ready to go at the same time. But this one I guess I wanted to deal with Hollywood filmmaking and gangster films and the necessity of violence in those, and is there another place to take it to? And I guess Colin’s character having the title [Seven Psychopaths] but wanting it to be about love and peace was the initial idea, so where do you go from there? And
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