‘Malcom In The Middle’ Star Frankie Muniz Suffers Mini Stroke At 26

How scary! The former sitcom actor was hospitalized near his Arizona home after friends noticed he had trouble speaking and was acting 'weird.' Read on for all the details. Frankie Muniz was just 26 years old when he found himself in the middle of a mysterious health scare on Nov. 30 -- the actor was admitted to an Arizona emergency room after suffering a mini stroke. Friends of the actor noticed that he was "acting really weird," and had trouble speaking and understanding words, according to TMZ. They were extremely worried, so they took him to the hospital. "I was in the hospital last Friday," Frankie informed fans via Twitter on Dec. 4. "I suffered a 'Mini Stroke,' which was not fun at all. Have to start taking care of my body! Getting old!" Far from old, Frankie turned 27 on Dec. 5. Sources told TMZ doctors are still trying to figure out what happened.
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