10 Greatest Moments in 90′s Juvenile Sports Cinema

There has been a lot of speculation concerning the the rise in childhood obesity among today’s youth. Why are so many of today’s children so fat? I’ve got a one one word answer: Twinkies. Just kidding (R.I.P my nuclear-blast-surviving friends). Why don’t kids exercise more or go outside and play? Some blame genetics or diet, while others look to socioeconomic factors (fat people tend to be poorer). Others blame media over-saturation (Facebook, TV, cell phones, PlayStation, etc.).

Each argument makes a valid point, but none provide a solution to the problem outside of the obvious: Stop watching TV and go outside! I’m going to suggest that the problem is one of vision. When it comes to weight loss and children, you can’t take an adult point of view to the problem. Adults exercise and lose weight for boring reasons that kids can
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