‘Flight’ Director Robert Zemeckis Talks Denzel Washington, Music And Favorite Movie Moments At Q&A

Flight is Robert Zemeckis first full-blown live-action movie in over a decade. So it’s kind of a big deal, considering who he is. The Aero in Santa Monica hosted a weekend-long event, celebrating Zemeckis career by screening a few of his classic films including Back to the Future, Who Frames Roger Rabbit and Cast Away. On Sunday night, the theater screened Flight to a sold out crowd. After the film, Zemeckis showed up for a Q&A in which he talked about Tom Hanks, his favorite scene in Flight and the meaning of filmmaking.

We were able to attend the event. Here are some highlights of that night’s conversation:

Zemeckis, who is a pilot himself, is no stranger to plane crashes. His 2000 film Cast Away revolves around an airplane crash landing incident. He mentioned that he had to have a lot of conversations with his representatives and partners
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