Disney Blu-ray Roundup: ‘Finding Nemo’ a must-own, while ‘Odd Life of Timothy Green’ a mild charmer

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The holiday shopping season is in full swing, and just in case you were hoping Walt Disney Pictures wouldn’t add to the burden on your wallet, I hate to, but have to disappoint you. With three more shopping weeks left until Christmas Day, they’ve got two new Blu-ray/DVD combos for our perusal, The Odd Life of Timothy Green and Finding Nemo, both of which were among their big early-fall releases. Of course, the Pixar entry was getting a 3D re-release after its original 2003 release, but still, it’s a notable release because now you can finally claim ownership of every Pixar feature film.

I almost feel bad for not wholeheartedly loving The Odd Life of Timothy Green, an extraordinarily sincere and earnest family film about a childless couple who, one night, discover that their wishes and prayers to become adoptive parents has come true in the form
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