Intriguing ‘Side Effects’ Viral Site Launched

Ever had unexpected Side Effects from a curious pharmaceutical treatment your Gp has prescribed you? No? Perhaps you haven’t had a course of brand new drug ‘Ablixa’, the fictional medicine ‘Dr’ Jude Law prescribes successful New York couple Channing Tatum and Rooney Mara in Oceans Eleven director Steven Soderbergh’s tantalising new flick. has the extraordinary trade-line ‘Take Back Tomorrow’ emblazoned on its home screen – prompting all kind of questions involving the movie’s themes. Can we expect Side Effects to discuss memory loss and the prescription of narcotics in aid of deep psychological problems? We’ve seen pictures in a similar vein; will it be another Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind or touch areas we haven’t seen captured on celluloid? The embedded YouTube video on the viral site features a tongue-in-cheek, gimmicky advert.

Written by Scott Z. Burns of The Bourne Ultimatum penmanship and also starring Catherine Zeta-Jones,
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