Dogtooth – The DVD Review

Review by Cassondra Feltus

In a blend of horror and black comedy, Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos’ Dogtooth successfully profiles the destructive consequences of authoritative control.

In this strange world of elaborate lies and delusions, a nameless family, consisting of two parents and their three children exist in complete isolation.

Never exploring outside their secluded utopia, the two daughters and a son .have been educated in the ways of the world through a truly deranged approach to homeschooling.. (Brophy) The young adults entertain themselves in the most unusual ways, from perilous games of endurance to incestuous sexual experimentation. Considering the years of false teachings and regular abuse, their twisted sense of pleasure is not unexpected, but nonetheless unsettling.

Mother and father.s methods of dehumanization, including frequent laps to the face, result in the children.s robot-like sensibilities and the impossibility to mentally mature. Rewarded with stickers and toy airplanes, of
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