Haven Review: Skin Deep

  • TVfanatic
Congratulations, TV Fanatics! You guys called it in the comments section of "Magic Hour Part 1."

Tommy was already dead by the time he joined the Haven police department. I'm so proud to be associated with such a smart group! You complete me. While the supposition of shapeshifter was a little off, we received confirmation in "Burned" that Tommy was indeed dead for at least six weeks, and Audrey and Nathan found his skin floating in a tank, with other skins, making The Bolt Gun Killer (Tbgk) a skin walker!

Still, not a lot to go on, and the first thing that came to my mind as Audrey stood next to Nathan in the basement was... oh my God it's Nathan. Then... no, it's Claire! The conversations between Claire and Audrey haven't been as fascinating since Tommy died. Could Tbgk be sporting Claire's skin now? After all, as Nathan and Audrey realized,
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