'Gangster Squad' Featurette Goes To The Next Level

'Gangster Squad' Featurette Goes To The Next Level
by Hannah Soo Park

It’s time to move on from the classic gangster flicks we’ve come to know and love. Because if there’s one message we took away from the new “Gangster Squad” featurette, it’s that the movie will be our generation’s defining gangster film.

The video, which hit the web yesterday (via Apple), features a few never-before-seen scenes from the film, with the same gunplay and fedoras we’ve already seen in previous trailers. But what truly makes it fresh are the behind-the-scenes clips of cast and crew interviews, and on-set action footage.

Director Ruben Fleischer and a few members of the film’s all-star cast, including Ryan Gosling, Anthony Mackie and Giovanni Ribisi, discuss their hopes that the period crime drama will join the ranks of “The Godfather,” “The Untouchables,” and other iconic gangster masterpieces. “It’s taking gangster films to the next level,
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