Morning Meme: Dr. Oz Gives Forum To Gay Reparative Therapy, MTV Gets "Buckwild," and Neil Gaiman Assembles All-Star Cast For "Neverwhere"

In order to kick of the weekend right, snicks will be bringing you a liveblog of all the gaybie drama on Days of Our Lives today.

This week, Dr. Oz gave a forum to reparative therapy, and on the show, it was presented as a genuine medical practice, and not debunked as junk science as the American Medical Association, American Psychiatric Association and all other medical bodies have done. Further, producers reached out to Wayne Besen at Truth Wins Out about appearing, and Besen was agreeable, even offering to field expert medical testimonies, but the producers balked and dropped him. Dr. Oz later posted on his blog that he felt reparative therapy wasn't medically sound, but that didn't reach nearly the audience his broadcast did.

On a happier note, the Warwick Rowing Team has put out a trailer for their new 2013 naked calendar, which benefits anti-bullying charities. It's way too Nsfw to play here,
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