Poll: Which Classic Character Would You Like To See Join X-men: Dofp Next?

Bryan Singer has begun the process of bringing together the characters - and cast - from his previous X-Men films and Mathew Vaughn's First Class. It's not very surprising given the comic book arc the movie is adapting (however loosely), but we have no idea how many more old-school Mutants we will see join the ensemble. So far Magneto, Professor X and Wolverine are in, and there have been rumblings of Famke Jansen reprising the role of Jean Grey although there's nothing concrete there. So who would you guys like to see next? We have included all of the principal characters/cast from X-Men 1 and 2, a few from 3 also, and because he was so damn good as Victor Creed, Liev Schreiber from X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Now you may want to see a certain character return but not necessarily the same actor playing them, so if that's the case specify
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