Review: 'Silent Night' Is Like Getting A Blood-Splattered Lump Of Coal In Your Stocking

The "holiday horror" subgenre is a weird one indeed, requiring a fine tonal balancing act that involves wedding jolly Christmas cheer with bloody visceral scares. There's something about the phony brightness holidays that brings out some really fucked-up shit, and it's a well that many films have attempted, among them the sardonic "Christmas Evil" (one of John Waters' favorite films); the inky "Black Christmas," directed by Bob Clark (who also did "A Christmas Story"); and an episode of "Tales from the Crypt" that Robert Zemeckis directed about an escaped lunatic dressed like Santa Claus. (The less said about the Bill Goldberg-starring "Santa's Slay," the better.) One of the more straightforward holiday horror entries was 1984's "Silent Night, Deadly Night," an easily forgettable slasher film wrapped in Christmas lights and tinsel. Well, that film has been given the remake treatment, re-titled...
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