Kris Humphries Tweets Photo Of His Basketball Brawl Injuries, Requests A Tetanus Shot

We’re getting the impression that Kris Humphries is kind of the Charlie Brown of the celebrity world. Even before things went epically south in his marriage with Kim Kardashian, there was something tragi-comic about the guy. Whether he’s seated next to his (ex) wife’s sex tape partner on a plane, belatedly learning that his fiance has in fact been married before, or getting sued over an alleged herpes outbreak, he always has a lot on his plate. There’s no other way to put it: the universe just seems to continuously s– on him.

So when we heard that he got into a battle royale on the Td Garden court last night in Boston, we weren’t all that surprised. It just seemed like something that would happen to the guy. Apparently he and Celtic player Rajon Rondo tangoed during the second quarter after Humphries fouled Celtic Kevin Garnett.
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