Holiday Giveaway: Take Your Usb Where No Usb Has Gone Before

Do you often dream of exploring the vast, dark reaches of space but then remember you can't because you just have too much data and no way to carry it with you? We've all been there. A lack of means for transporting data is the number one hindrance to most people's ability to explore the universe. True story. But what if we here at JustPressPlay could alleviate that concern for you? No, we won't be babysitting your data but rather giving you a flash drive so you can take it with you. "But Lex," I hear you say, "how do I know the flash drive you'll give me can handle warp drive speeds and the rough and tumble lifestyle of a voyager among the stars?" Simple, we'll give you one in the shape of Star Trek veterans like Captain James T. Kirk (William Shatner, not Chris Pine, sorry), Spock (Leonard Nimoy,
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