Looney Tunes calamity hits Supernatural Episode 8.08: Hunter Heroici

Who doesn’t like a good anvil dropped on their head?

Wile E. Coyote – that’s who, especially when it was intended for the Road Runner.

Looney Tunes calamity hit the world of Supernatural in Episode 8.08, “Hunter Heroici.” The episode was a throwback to Who Framed Roger Rabbit, complete with Sam Winchester stepping inside a pseudo cartoon world.

Anvils were dropped, toy guns were used, Dean heard bird chirping sounds after hitting himself and we even got a “That’s all folks” ending – minus Porky Pig.

Following the drama-filled “A Little Slice of Kevin” episode, “Hunter Heroici” gave viewers a chance to unwind to a procedural monster-of-the-week tale. Fred (Mike Farrell) was a psionic retiree from the boys’ past, who had the power to turn the world around him upside down – quite literally. While he appeared to be catatonic to the outside world, he was living inside a cartoon world in his mind.
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