Hugh Jackman To Return As Wolverine In ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’

You just can’t have an X-men film without Hugh Jackman as Wolverine can you? The actor has played the role five times already, and has The Wolverine coming out next year. On top of this, Hugh Jackman is now in talks to return for his seventh outing as the amnesiac, clawed beast in Bryan Singer’s X-men: Days Of Future Past. The film will contain elements of time-travel, which explains the fact that Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart are returning to their roles, alongside their younger incarnations from X-men: First Class. Bryan Singer directed the first two X-men films, but didn’t return for a third after 20th Century Fox refused to wait for him while he directed Superman Returns.

I really do love Jackman as Wolverine, but the character is certainly overused. However, his cameo in X-men: First Class was absolutely hilarious. I’m sure his banter with
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