‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Interview: Dallas Roberts on Milton’s Present & Future

It went from simply killing walkers to hoarding them in hopes your family would return to normal to treating them Michonne-style and using them as a defense tactic, but now we’ve got Milton and he’s putting the infected to use like never before.

After two seasons on the run, season 3 of The Walking Dead lets us settle in a bit at the community of Woodbury. Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and co. thought they had it good at Hershel’s farm and are now pleased with their prison, but Woodbury isn’t just a safe haven from walkers; it’s as close to the good ol’ days as it gets. There’s a community, parties, sporting events – albeit unconventional ones – and even a town scientist named Milton. As far as we know, the picture of Woodbury looks ...

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