How I Met Your Mother Review: I Fought the Law

  • TVfanatic
In the case of the people vs. How I Met Your Mother, I find the defendants guilty of a very funny episode.

Like Marshall's case, "Twelve Horny Women" got off to a slow start with some pretty bad overacting in the opening scene, but won my vote in the end with some fresh jokes and great twists on a few old ones. 

Before jumping into the battle for badass supremacy, Jason Segel and Joe Manganiello deserve a hand for those courtroom scenes. Marshall did his best to stay on the up-and-up in his proceedings, so I could not fault him for using the duckling to gain sympathy with the jury. He had to fight fire with fire when pitted against Brad's Bend and... wait for it...wait for it...Snap!

The courtroom sketch artist's depictions of the two lawyers was perfection. Having not only the all-female jury but also the
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