Tom Cruise filming halts Trafalgar Square

Production of All You Need Is Kill, based on the Japanese graphic novel, took over a London landmark at the weekend

Filming for the upcoming Tom Cruise science fiction movie All You Need Is Kill closed down London's Trafalgar Square on Saturday. Studio Warner Brothers brought in tanks to shoot several action scenes while tourists watched eagerly from a safe distance.

The film co-stars Britain's ubiquitous Emily Blunt, along with Aliens star Bill Paxton, Charlotte Riley and Jonas Armstrong. Based on the titular Japanese young adult novel, it sets up a Groundhog Day-style premise where a rookie lieutenant colonel named Bill Cage (Cruise) is forced to fight the same losing battle against alien invaders again and again, experiencing horrifying death countless times. Having started out without a single day of combat experience, Cage slowly begins to morph into a battle-hardened veteran with the skills and knowledge to potentially fend off the extra terrestrial Mimics.
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