'666 Park Avenue': The devil sets up shop in Brooklyn where Williamsburg hipsters have yet to tred

To have a Manhattan apartment like those in The Drake just might take a deal with the devil.

The exquisite building on ABC's "666 Park Avenue" is the sort that lines the gracious, monied boulevard. The set, however, is in an industrial strip in Brooklyn on the edge of Williamsburg, the part where hipsters don't yet live.

Here, in an old Schaefer beer factory, the sets still smelled new before Hurricane Sandy. Though production had stopped, as just about everything else did in New York, it was scheduled to resume Tuesday, Nov. 6, despite unspecified damage to the set.

The art deco lobby to the fictional building, which certainly seems to be a portal to hell on the show, is sweeping and elegant, with mirrored tables and the sort of polished black and white floors that Fred Astaire would glide across.

When the action switches to the basement, the show moves to a church in Harlem.
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