Blood in the Snow Preview: "Beyond The Black Rainbow"

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Blood in the Snow Preview:
We want to help audiences decide what to see (if they can’t see everything!), so in the days to come check this space for previews of the films in the festival.

Beyond The Black Rainbow is a surreal sci-fi thriller from Vancouver director Panos Cosmatos. It’s a film that is more about delivering sensation and imagery than narrative, although there is plenty of that to reward the astute viewer. Btbr tells the story of Elena (Eva Allan), a young resident/captive of a retro-futuristic hippie commune committed to better living through mind-altering chemistry. Supervised by the seriously creepy Dr. Barry Niles (Michael Rogers) and living in a semi-lucid state, she eventually attempts to escape and discover the world beyond the walls of the sterile, menacing Arboria Institute.

This movie is a serious trip. Set in this strange alternate 1983 and featuring an incredible, pulsing, throbbing soundtrack that perfectly suits the psychedelic environment,
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