Mark Hamill Talks The Secret Service; Confirms Involvement In Matthew Vaughn's Adaptation

Mark Millar is no stranger to celebrity cameos in his comic books. After all, getting Samuel L. Jackson to agree to his likeness being used in The Ultimates was what resulted in the actor being brought on to play 'Nick Fury' in 2008's Iron Man! In The Secret Service, Mark Hamill (best known for playing 'Luke Skywalker' in Star Wars and voicing 'The Joker' in numerous animated series and video games) made a brief, but extremely memorable, appearance as himself and told Media Mikes all about that (and his cameo in Matthew Vaughn's planned adaptation) in a recent interview. "Mark contacted me via email and wanted to know if he could use my likeness in a comic book and beyond that to kill me in it. Well I thought that it was a very interesting idea. I am a huge fan of his and Dave Gibbons from 'Watchmen'.
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