Rereading Stephen King: week 12 – The Running Man

Not to be confused with the inane adaptation starring Schwarzenegger, this dystopian tale has real pathos, and a point

The Running Man was, for me, one of those books you read after you've seen the movie. I knew that it was a Stephen King novel; it was the last of the compiled Bachman Books I owned (though not the last to be written by the Bachman persona; there were still three more to be published – four if you count Misery), the only one I hadn't read yet. I watched the movie, because the TV movie of It was (to my adolescent self) incredible, and I had seen The Shining and that was incredible, and this had Arnold Schwarzenegger in it and I loved Predator… It was a series of things that led to me watching the film first, and then reading the book. And that was a curious experience for me.
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