Happy Thanksgiving 2012 from Twilighters Anonymous!

Happy Thanksgiving 2012 from Twilighters Anonymous!
While we realize not all of our readers are here in the Us, we still want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving, because here at Ta, we are very thankful for You! A couple of years ago, Bill Condon provided us with that awesome teaser picture of feathers from Bella’s first morning moments from her Breaking Dawn – Part 1, and this year we finally got the second half of Breaking Dawn with Part 2. (And thank you Bill Condon, we are so grateful that you wrapped up the Twilight Saga with such an awesome last movie!) So even if you don’t formally celebrate the holiday, there’s always a good reason to enjoy some delicious food, have fun with your friends and family, and reflect on what you’re thankful for.

Have a very wonderful Thanksgiving holiday from Twilighters Anonymous!

Are you celebrating Thanksgiving today? Are you about to embark on crazy shopping tomorrow? Tell us what you’re doing this weekend, and let us know what You are thankful for!
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