Could New Legal Action Halt the Release of Rodriguezs Machete Kills

Well ain't this a kick in the teeth. It appears that Overnight Productions may have the last word in whether or not we'll ever get to enjoy Robert Rodrguez's grindhouse action sequel 'Machete Kills' The production company has stated that it wants to cut all ties with Rodriguez's Quick Draw Productions over the rights to the follow-up, currently shooting. A compaint was filed on Tuesday and the producers of 2010's 'Machete' are looking to sever the April 2012 agreement in which they granted director/producer Rodriguez the rights to make another 'Machete' movie. The rights would then revert back to Overnight Productions. The production was hotting up and already had the impressive line-up which features Jessica Alba ('Sin City'), Michelle Rodriguez ('Resident Evil: Retribution'), Amber Heard -below ('Drive Angry'), Vanessa Hudgens ('Sucker Punch'), Zoe Saldana ('Avatar'), Alexa Vega,
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