Daniel Day-Lewis is Lincoln: What Other Films Benefit or Needed a Certain Actor?

I want to start out this article with a spoiler alert. If you want to be surprised at who wins the Best Actor Oscar at this year's Academy Awards do not read any further. For everyone else you can just mark down Daniel Day-Lewis on your Oscar pool ballot right now and know that you'll get at least one category correct. Day-Lewis is not just a lock to land his third Best Actor award. He's a promise. And deservedly so. Lincoln is the kind of tour de force that happens when the greatest actor of a generation takes on an iconic role like Abraham Lincoln and nails it. The bigger question for me is whether anyone else could have tackled the role and been as successful. It isn't that Lincoln has never been portrayed in film before. Walter Huston played Lincoln in D.W. Griffith's epic take on the 16th
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