David Tennant To Swap A Sonic Screwdriver For A Lightsaber?

With a lot of news circling David Tennant today, you’d be forgiven for thinking he has a film to promote (Nativity 2 Danger In The Manger; read our review here). In a recent talk with the BBC, Tennant discussed recording a voice for Star Wars: The Clone Wars playing a droid named Huyang. When asked if he would like a role in the upcoming films Tennant responded:

It’d be great.Star Wars is such a key part of my childhood and my entire life.These are the fairytales of our era.

Sounds like he’d be up for it, and I know it would make me exceptionally happy. To hell with it! I say they just make a Doctor Who/Star Wars crossover. After all, Doctor Who and Star Trek recently got a comic series. Let’s hope his vocal performance gets him in good stead with those at LucasFilm.
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