First Look: Norman and Norma Bates of Carlton Cuse’s Bates Motel

Now here’s something for you to talk about, or maybe just ponder as you look around your Thanksgiving table: the first photo of Norman and Norma Bates from Carlton Cuse‘s Bates Motel series, set to premiere in 2013 on A&E. Gee, they don’t look that creepy. Yet. The house, on the other hand… definitely creepy.

That’s Freddie Highmore (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) playing Norman, and Vera Farmiga (Source Code) as his mum.

Psycho is apparently becoming quite the popular kid on the block, with this Friday’s premiere of Hitchcock, the story of the making of Psycho, starring Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren, and Bates Motel set as a prequel to Psycho. Given who’s involved in each production, we really can’t wait to see them both.

Here’s a reminder about the premise of Bates Motel:

A&E Network Orders “Bates Motel
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