James D'Arcy, 'Hitchcock' Star, On Anthony Perkins And Why 'Psycho' Still Terrifies Him

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If you're going to shoot a film about the making of "Psycho," you've got to have the perfect Anthony Perkins, and British actor James D'Arcy (of "Cloud Atlas") is a dead ringer for the late actor. In fact, as "Hitchcock" star Anthony Hopkins said during Perkins's audition, the resemblance was "uncanny." During a set visit on the last day of shooting "Hichcock," D'Arcy told Moviefone about his unforgettable audition in which Hopkins literally fell out of his chair, and how much "Psycho" terrified him as a teen. In fact, he confessed the film still scares him: "I couldn't bring myself to watch it," he admitted of revisiting the movie's famous ending. Even so, it remains his favorite Hitchcock flick, as it does for so many movie fans. How did this project come your way? Actually I knew about it for a long time. I talked to Ryan Murphy about it
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