Bond Age: 50 Years of a Very (Submissive) English Hero

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“England is like some stricken beast too stupid to know it is dead. The English thing worked too well and too long. They'll never get all that ballast of unearned privilege and den of snobbery up into space. Who wants that dumped in his vicinity? They get out of a spaceship and start looking desperately for inferiors.”

William Burroughs, The Place of Dead Road

The intriguing aspect of mainstream cinema is in revealing the essence of things while lingering over their surface; the way in which superficiality connotes substance is its ultimate spell. Nothing better than Hollywood can describe the American psyche: its fears, ambitions and nightmarish dreams. Commercial franchises reflect in their own structure the main characteristics of their subject, for the themes and situations they (re-)present belong to the viewers’ ingrained frame of cultural references. It is only by rehashing commonplaces, prejudices and familiar sights that a
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