Five Youtube Videos to Brighten Your Week

Has it been a fortnight already? I’ve been tirelessly trawling the web for your virtual approval, and despite all my practice it doesn’t get any easier!

This week I have an artistic pianist; a slightly awkward parents evening; some classic TV reporting belly-laughs; more Rubberbandits (whoop!); and a world shattering achievement.

Is that enough?

5. Amazing, unique, weird?

This is freakish. But, like every piece of Internet gold, its also incredible. I was too busy smiling to breathe, honestly.

From the Zelda-esque mask to his eclectic jacket; everything about this video will be seared into your retinas for days. This fellow isn’t just the fastest juggling pianist; he’s also a sharp dresser. Be entertained!

4. Parents Evening

This wonderful comedy skit from the Teachers Web Series is perhaps one of their best.

A parent meets her son’s teacher only to discover that she went to school with her.
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