Simon Hoggart's week: BBC 'elitism', Attenborough and Downton dialogue

The BBC is still the world's best broadcaster – although you wouldn't think so to see the way some papers are trashing it

✒In my experience the reviled BBC managers are like army officers: half of them are people of great intelligence, insight, charm and skill. The other half are pretty much useless. I recall one who, when Linda Smith died, said we should go ahead with a normal News Quiz, "because it's what she would have wanted". Luckily none of the regular panellists would have dreamed of doing the show that awful week, and we ran a tribute instead.

There was another middle manager who announced that a political programme I was working on was "elitist" because sometimes we mentioned less well-known MPs. Often these people had been producers, but were no good, and had to be kicked upstairs, only to do even more damage.

That said, the BBC still
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