Price Check Review

Reality is boring.  The realness of emotions is what captivates, but the routine of most day-to-day lives is rarely worthy of an audience's attention.  Being stuck in a meeting discussing market shares and strategies may be relatable, but it's also painfully mundane.  It's also the excruciating world of Michael Walker's indie flick Price Check.  Never has a film made me so depressed by an office environment where people get worked up about how best to implement a new pricing system for a supermarket chain.  Walker never finds the comedy or absurdity in the commonplace, and instead turns his attention to a tired and predictable relationship between a quirky boss and her subordinate. Pete Cozy (Eric Mabius) works at a struggling supermarket chain, and he doesn't see much of a future in his job, which is a problem since he wants to have enough money to be a good father and husband.
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