Brad Pitt makes a bum job of his bath design

The polymath actor adds a new string to his bow with his exclusive furnishings business. If only he wasn't serious about it

It's a question that has been playing on Lost in Showbiz's mind: what has become of Brad Pitt's secondary career as a designer? This, you may recall, was launched in grandstanding style some years ago, when reports emerged that the actor would be redesigning the King Alfred Leisure Centre in Hove with architect Frank Gehry. There were, of course, doubts expressed over whether starring in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button necessarily qualified you to redesign a leisure centre in East Sussex – presumably by people blithely unaware that the combination of fame and wealth automatically confers the status of polymath genius on those it favours, and that if Pitt had idly expressed a desire to have a go at cerebrovascular surgery, someone would probably let him. There
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