Santa's Sleigh Revealed In Latest Rise Of The Guardians Clip

Inspired by William Joyce's novels The Guardians of Childhood, DreamWorks' latest animated adventure Rise of the Guardians gives kids a closer look at the mythic figures they all know, but have never seen up close. The story centers on Jack Frost, who is asked to leave his loner ways behind and join forces with Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and the Sandman to stop the Bogeyman from ruining the childhoods of kids around the world. A previous featurette gave us some insight into the mute but imaginative Sandman, and the always chipper and highly efficient Tooth Fairy, and now has a clip that offers a glimpse of Santa's workshop, complete with teeny elves, burly yetis and massive reindeer who pull his incredibly cool sleigh that's built for speed and got plenty of swagger. Check out how Jack, Bunny and the Sandman handle Santa's ride below: Coming soon,
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