Comics: New Members Of The Uncanny Avengers Revealed

The third Marvel Now! 'Next Big Thing' press conference is still underway, but some more details have come in. Remender says that all three of the characters are there for a specific reason, and goes on to explain the roles each will play in the team.. “Sunfire is brought in for a reason that I don’t want to give away yet, because it deals with the aftermath of the first arc. He and Wolverine have business. He has a natural reason for being there, and I love Sunfire. I’ve never had a member on any team that I feel I can write as surly as Sunfire.” On the Avengers side, we’ve got Wonder Man, who’s going to play an interesting role. He’s now something of a pacifist, and a major reason he’s on the team is for PR purposes; using his Hollywood skills to
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