Lindsay Lohan Snubs Barbara Walters on 20/20

  • Boomtron
I’m beginning to think we will never know a world without a little drama from Lindsay Lohan. Even when she’s trying to get her act together – an act I’m not sure is quite working out for her – she still manages to find her name in the headlines and rarely due to whatever project she’s currently working on. She’s a celebrity known for her troubles, not her body of work. It’s sad, but that’s the world of Lindsay Lohan and, quite frankly, it entertains us far more than any of her recent films have. The latest situation to arise isn’t the usual fare – drunk driving and stealing – which makes it all the more peculiar. Lohan refused to do an interview on 20/20.

Barbara Walters gives great interviews and so it seemed another great one would be happening when she interviewed Lohan on ABC’s 20/20, but for whatever reason,
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