Comic Book Review: Evil Ernie #1 & 2

Evil Ernie is one of those characters you think you know about because he was a part of the huge comics boom in the early '90s. Though I will admit I don't know nyxg about the character because the 'uber tough' and overly violent comics of that era are of no interest to me. Since his creation, Evil Ernie has gone through a lot of different publishers and several miniseries featuring the character have come around but now he's taken to the latest comic book trend and gone for the reboot.

Dynamite Entertainment has brought the character back to life, that's a joke for those of you that are familiar with Ernie, and it's not vapid or boring like some other characters' reboots.

The first two issues of the newly polished series are in stores now and they're a nice departure from the other stuff on the stands. While
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