What to Rent: New DVDs This Week

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2 Days in New York is also available on DVD this week. Brave Pixar's latest introduces Merida (voiced by Kelly Macdonald), a rebellious princess intent on changing her destiny. Though her traditional Irish family would like her to marry and fall in line with her royal duties, the strong-willed teenager would rather choose her own path. Merida's conflicted relationship with her mother is at the core of the story, and though the film is enjoyable, it's a little predictable and isn't quite as imaginative as some other Pixar films. The DVD includes director commentary and two short films: "La Luna" and "The Legend of Mordu." 78% Savages Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Johnson star as Chon and Ben, two ambitious small-time drug dealers happily sharing the affections of O (Blake Lively). When a drug queenpin (Salma Hayek) notices the two are taking a slice of her sales, she offers them an ultimatum: sell
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