The Final Poster for Django Unchained Is The Most Standard Yet

  • Cinelinx
Six weeks. In six weeks, the brand new movie from Quentin Tarantino following his 2009 venture Inglorious Basterds will be upon us. In the meantime, we've been subjected to quite a few pieces of advertising for the film, from the initial trailer to character posters and everything in between. And now the final theatrical one sheet is here, and its probably the least impressive yet.

It's not that the poster is bad, per se; it's just really uninspired. Compared to the awesome teaser poster and aforementioned character posters, this one just seems seems to be your standard one-sheet. The three main cast are front and centered and, well they look as cool as ever, there's not much more to this poster besides that. Although its nice to see the likes of Walter Goggins and Don Johnson to get advertised. Whatever the case, here's the poster:

And here's the official synopsis:

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