Friends with Kids (review)

Trying to figure what is the most offensive thing about this accidental mashup of 70s Woody Allen and Sex and the City. Is it the assumption that romance and parenthood cannot coexist, and that kids turn previously reasonable, mature adults into monsters? Is it the notion that a couple of self-absorbed platonic friends thought they could “cheat” this “system” by having a baby together without all the relationship stuff getting in the way? Or is it that for all its apparent unconventionalism and challenge to accepted morality, Friends with Kids turns out to be nothing beyond yet one more affirmation of a deeply conservative status quo? Yeah, I think it’s that last one, seeing as how it’s the shitty pinnacle at the top of a pile of spoiled-brat idiocy. Of course the decision to have a baby together is something of a lark for Julie (Jennifer Westfeldt, who
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