‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: Ruby Loses Control & Someone Dies

This week's twisted fairy tale led to the ultimate game of wolf and mouse. When poor Billy's corpse was found in a dumpster on the Nov. 11 episode of Once Upon A Time — side note: Billy was Cinderella's fat mouse Bff Gus in the Enchanted Forest — everyone pointed fingers at the town's wolf-in-waitress's clothing, Ruby (Meghan Ory). But because Charming (Josh Dallas) is as brilliant as he is beautiful, he deduced that Ruby had been framed for a murder she didn't commit! Long story short, Albert (Alan Dale) was responsible for setting up Ruby, as part of his grand-master plan to usurp control of Storybrooke. And after an angry mob, equipped with pitchforks and torches — but sadly not singing "Kill the Beast" à la Beauty and the Beast — went hunting for the wayward wolf, the truth was finally exposed. I enjoyed watching Charming and Ruby working together this week, but am
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