Vampire Diaries – Todd Williams Talks Connor Mysteries and Going Shirtless

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This week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, “The Killer,” shed some light on one of Season 4’s more dangerous new charaacters: Connor. He’s the kind of guy you would not want to mess with due to the explosions he tends to leave in his wake, yet that didn’t stop the likes of Stefan and Klaus from attempting to bring him down, especially when their friends were in danger. Connor took Jeremy, Matt and April hostage at the Grill, causing a disagreement between Stefan and Damon on how to deal with the situation. Thankfully, Klaus was more forward thinking than the brothers and decided to unleash the hybrid Dean to face Connor.

The actor playing Connor, Todd Williams spoke with Entertainment Weekly about what to expect regarding his character and the mysteries surrounding why he does what he does, mysteries that received some answers this week. “The Killer
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