Grassroots – Sliff Review

Review by Dana Jung

For anyone who has visited a Disney theme park and ridden their fabulous monorail system, the new film Grassroots will have a nice resonance. Based on the “mostly true” account of the Seattle, Washington city council race in 2001, Grassroots uses the symbolic image of a clean-energy, aesthetically pleasing mass transportation system to explore the themes of passion for a cause, the state of post-9/11 politics, and the forces that impact social change.

Phil Campbell (Jason Biggs) is a struggling young journalist on the verge: on the verge of landing a dream job, on the verge of taking the relationship with his girlfriend (Lauren Ambrose) to the next level, on the verge of moving out of the older house where he has several roommates to make ends meet. In between jobs, Phil half-heartedly agrees to help manage the campaign his friend Grant (Joel David Moore) is intent on running for city council.
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